Monday, January 5, 2009

Embarking on an New Adventure

My adventure is set to begin in exactly four hours when my plane departs from Phoenix airport. From there, I fly to LAX, South Korea, and Bali. In total, it is 36 hours of travel time, including an 11-hour layover in Seoul. Over the past few weeks, I’ve scoured the Internet looking at how feasible it would be to escape the airport during these hours and wander around the city. I’ve devised the perfect itinerary of what to do (market and temple visiting) and how to get around, leaving more than enough bumper time to safely return to the airport.

I arrive in Bali at 11:25 pm and I am hoping a shuttle from the hotel I am staying at in Kuta will come collect me that late. Three days shall be an ideal respite to develop some color in my skin, sample a variety of the cuisine, and practice the Indonesian language skills I gained during fall quarter in my introductory language class. I fear much I what I learned has leeched out of my brain over Christmas vacation, but whatever remains should be a decent foundation upon which to effectively communicate.

I’ve prepared myself for this trip in multiple ways. I’ve created list after list of what I should pack, what medicines I need, and what songs should be on my various iPod playlists. One of my fears is that I have overpacked. But most of what I have in my small duffle bag and carry-on suitcase is not too dear to my heart. Thus, if I do feel as though I packed more than necessary, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash over getting rid of it. Also, I began to physically prepare my body for the strenuous hikes and grueling heat. My mother, who is involved in an exercise program called Bikram Yoga, invited me along for three of the sessions. Basically, it is a series of vigorous yoga poses done in a humid room heated to 105 degrees over 90 minutes. I’m not too sure what the benefits are of the workout, but I have never sweated so much in my life. I drank over a liter of water during each session. I’ve come away feeling more flexible, rejuvenated, and prepared for heat and humidity.

For now, farewell to my laptop, Law and Order (the show ☺), Mac & Cheese, Mexican food, my boyfriend Bjorn, my family, and my dog Zeke. I look forward to returning to all these items come March 28th.

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