Friday, January 16, 2009

First time's a charm

So It's been a couple weeks now in Indonesia, my first time abroad, and I couldn't be happier. The first few days I spent in Ubud and saw some sights I will never forget. I've already taken over 500 photos, without a bad one in the bunch. Ubud treated me to monkeys, manggis, and massages, and whet my appetite for more. Jogja is absolutely amazing. The people are wonderfully friendly, and a smile and a couple words of Indonesian go a long way. Drop a 'matur nuwun' (the local dialect for thank you) and they get even friendlier.

Any intimidation or apprehensiveness I had have completely disappeared. Although I miss my friends and family, I know that the trip will be over all too soon, and I know that they will be there when I get back.

I've been going every day to this amazing little coffee shop called 'Parsley' every day after school. Wonderful coffee, burgers, and Bintang (Indo beer) wash away any cares six straight hours of Indonesian lessons might have put into my mind. Karaoke at the Happy Puppy with my wonderful new friends makes me feel like home is just a bus ride away. Even went to a surprisingly western mall today with a Starbucks (thank you Lord) and a quote-unquote Pizza Hut, who's idea of authentic pizza is bread with catsup and sliced hot dogs on it. Guess you can't win them all.

Bapak and Ibu Rochmadi and their three boys Ogi, Adi and Soni have been wonderful in their hospitality, and make sure I keep up with my Indonesian lessons. They also make sure I don't go hungry for a second. They have a wonderful maid who makes a wicked cup of Kopi (coffee) and makes my shirts smell wonderful.

I can't think of many negatives, except for the aforementioned slight case of homesickness and a lost hat. But hey... I couldn't imagine a better time. All my love to the folks back home.


  1. Wahahahah! like no one will go to pizza hut in any country for authentic pizzas!

    who's idea to stuffed the thick pizza dough at the edge with processed mozzarella cheese then dunk it in thousand island or tar tar sauce?? not only the Indonesian idea i bet. we just mimic the original idea from the the origin country of pizza hut eheheheheh. and it wont be the Italian in Naples I'm sure!

    Btw glad you enjoy your time! I might know a place where you can get a new field cap.

  2. I am also guilty of that. I went to a Pizza Hut in Osaka, Japan. It cost roughly $54 for two large pizzas for my 5 American friends and I.

  3. We miss you too Josh! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all of your stories!! There is no better place to follow your dreams and find your true self than the beautiful tropics of our world! And you haven't seen anything yet!! Bring on the Banda Islands! Karaoke without me??? :)

  4. sure, you're homesick now. but three months from now when you're back with us in damp, chilly Seattle, you'll be dreaming of parsley and happy puppies... :)
    miss ya.
    p.s. finally saw that movie you warned me against, and it pains me to say this: you were right. it sucked. :P

  5. Hi Josh,
    Sounds like you're making lots of beautiful memories---You must be SO grateful to Teri for giving you this awesome opportunity.
    We have been getting oodles of snow this week-3 i/2 feet just last night---now doesnt that make you homesick?lol
    Glad youre enjoying yourself and making lots of new friends-Take care and drop me a line or two when you get time.
    Love & Miss You,
    Aunt Marlene