Thursday, February 5, 2009

Absolut Bensin

Bensin is gasoline, for those who want to know. I just liked this typical street scene, so I figured it worth a blog. What else is there to say, folks here know how to make do with what they've got.


  1. Looks like we could all learn something from the folks of Indonesia!! Thank you Andy and Laura for the stories and pictures posted over the past two weeks! News from Banda has been slow and it was good to hear your updates on their progress there as well! I hope your journey to the islands tomorrow is smooth and delay free!
    Please give Josh a big hug for me when you get there!

  2. Hi Terbear,
    Glad to hear the blog has been interesting. We'll catch the ferry tonight, and I'll send Josh your greetings sometime tomorrow morning.

  3. Thank you Laura! He was quite surprised! You are the best! :)