Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chicks and Donuts

Andy's blog really says it all. This place called Bali is a wealth of contradictions.  Stores where you can buy authentic Gucci bags adjacent to tiny rice carts and rooster cages.  It rained buckets and buckets last night, yet no water made it to our cottage shower pipes this morning. And ancient temples are next to fancy restaurants that serve chicken cordon bleu.  

The internet, too, is filled with issues. We seem to be able to find cafes, but sometimes have problems logging on. Neither Andy nor I can figure out how to get any of our pictures loaded up in any sensical order.  So, if you wondering why these photos seem random, well...  

Ubud is too touristy for me, so Andy and Ambra and I have attempted to find the "other" Bali.  We had a lovely walk in the rice paddies two days ago, and found an incredibly tasty organic farm/cafe in the middle of the paddies (see photo of the view).  Along our walks we've seen some interesting things.  My favorites so far are the donut bikes (Clara and Yari - can you find the ones with the chocolate sprinkles?) and hand-colored chicks (my dear Trulucks -- what would Blue Sky think?), and some intriguing temple wiring (Eric -- it rains torrents here like Tokyo, and these wire jobs are all out in the open).

My final quick comment before Andy and I get kicked out of this fancy restaurant is that the coffee is great here.  Note the photo showing the sludge. (Heidi -- believe it or not, this was served in an Illy cup!) Bali kopi is served to us daily on our porch -- no milk, just huge sugar crystals.  ...and copious amounts of sludge at the bottom. It seems perfect for the tropics.  Oh, and one final note: thanks to all the folks who've been commenting.



  1. Laura! Savannah first thought that the chicks were just special Indonesian chicks with special bright colors....the truth was out and she was horrified! But dang it, dyed or not, the chicks are cute! We are following your adventure on a map from NatGeo (it has the "Wallace Line" on it). Very cool!

  2. Oops. I was a little worried about the traumatic effects for Savannah, but I couldn't resist the photo. We had a nice dinner in Ambon -- in between power outages. It is morning now, and we are gearing up for the late afternoon ferry. Actually, no one knows for sure when the ferry will arrive, but everyone hopes it will be before nightfall. It's an 8-hour ferry ride, and I'm told sleep is unlikely. Fortunately, I've got great shipmates. XO, laura

  3. Great photos! The photo of the "Rainbow Brite" chicks is especially attention-grabbing. They are so cute! But, I cannot believe that someone actually dyed them! What a shame. Poor chicks.

  4. Hi Laura,

    We're following your adventure over here with excitement. I'm glad you got off the DEET! The kids are happy and fine. Clara has her valentines all set for Friday at school. Talent's Night was a lot of fun. We'll see your family for dinner tonight and will give them a kiss for you.


  5. I think that kopi bali is _supposed to have_ that sludge at the bottom. I am sure you guys are off to Ambon by now, but make sure you go to that restaurant Suri's in the middle of the rice fields in Ubud. (Em can direct you to it).

    And I recommend the roast pig at Ibu Oka's. I liked it even in the throes of morning sickness.