Saturday, December 20, 2008

Amazing Experience

It was a chance of a life time for me to join The Banda Excavation back in 2007. The journey to Banda itself was really an experience. First there was bad weather in Ambon that made all the travel from and to Ambon cancelled, so we have to stay in Ambon longer than we thought. Because of the bad weather, the team have to rent a private air plane in order to go to Banda. It was the first time for me to fly using a small, propeller engine air plane. I was scared, and it gets worst when i enter the plane and there are water drippings off from the ceiling (it was raining outside at that time). But, turns out the flight was all fine....and Banda Islands i must say, it is worth the trip. It have the most beautiful beach and coral reef i have ever seen in Indonesia. Banda and Ay Island is really beautiful.

The Excavation in 2007 giving me a lot of experience, I learned plenty of new stuff during the excavation. New methods, new tools, new ways to handle the artifacts during excavations, and many more. And the best thing is that Mr. Lape and Pak Daud held a small presentations to the people in Ay Islands. Starting from elementary school student to the elders in the Islands. That is something new for me. I’ve been into excavations before but we never did presentations to the people who live in the sites. I think that is really important to gain awareness from the people about their heritage, so they will guard and hold the existence of their heritage.

I can’t hardly wait to go to Banda again…I’ll see u all there!!!!!Ay Island Excavation 2007 Team

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