Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Understanding Southeast Asia

'A long road to reach our destination will not always easy' I always keep this phase in my mind when I have to think about my future goal. I always like to travel to different places, learn and gain experience from seeing different things and people outside, which I think it is very important for me to understand more this divers blue planet among many people. This is always run around in my head most of the time and become my inspiration for me regarding future activities.

I have become interested in prehistoric period for some reason which I think it could bring me to understand more about the human social evolution from 'small communities to become a great empire'. My primary area of interest is mainland Southeast Asia which I have been studied for several years since I was a second year of my undergraduate. I have conducted several researches both personal and working for various professors around this area. I have realized that the interaction of people themselves to their environment give me more perspectives in order to comprehend their cultural movement and evolution. I have been fantasized by the terms of exploration and field survey and try to understand the whole image of the communities and reconstruct their past social activities.

From those reason and motivation, I wish to travel and learn more of other part of Southeast Asia, I found this field school program keep my attention and I think I will use this opportunity to gain more about Southeast Asian Island and the archaeological field method which will fulfill my experience of understanding of Southeast Asia which I could learn a lot more about prehistoric social landscape and the evolution to become historic communities in this region.

I have prepared a lots of question to motivate myself to research more about Indonesia and Southeast Asian Island landscape and I am so excited to be there. I hope to gain more both academic and personal experience and get to know a new friends over there. See you in Banda!

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